Monday, July 11, 2011

{Sweet Treats} Chandelier Cake Inspiration

(made by Liz Russell at Cake Lady Cakes, via
As everyone knows, I LOVE chandeliers!!!  After all, it's the logo for "Cheers"!  Mix that with my love of creative baked goods, and his post has my heart going pitter-patter =)  I stumbled across the blog for Honey Crumb Cake Studio and they got it SO right...

(Source: Holly's Cakes LLC)
Take a look at this?!  I don't think it's what the conventional person means when they say chandelier cake, but how cool!!  Anyway, the sweet baker writing this blog shared some great pics of inspired cakes...

(I Dream of Cake, and Zoe Clark Cakes)
Are these not beautiful?!  I'm thinking I should throw a "Cheers" party just so I can have a cake like this =)  Chandeliers are super trendy, chic, and everywhere in the world of entertaining.  If you're going for an elegant touch to your next event, keep these beautiful props in mind =)

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