Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{Preview} Vintage Baseball Memorial Fundraiser--Beer Cupcakes!

(courtesy of attentiontodetail.blogspot.com)
I am so super excited about the current party I'm working on...and loving the above 'inspiration picture'.  Sadly, my grandfather's childhood best friend recently just passed away.  They were "baseball buddies" up until several years ago.  BUT, the beautiful thing is that my grandparents are now honoring him with a Memorial BBQ fundraiser on August 7th...and guess who's styling it?!  Yup!!...
As part of the dessert table I'm designing, I wanted to come up with a super original and cute cupcake/treat to serve as the centerpiece.  So, think baseball, summer....BEER!!  So, I hit the web for beer cupcake inspiration...you have to check it out below!
Oh my gosh, GUINNESS CUPCAKES!   Now, I hate beer, but how could you NOT want to eat these?!
This amazing recipe comes from My Baking Addiction and you can hop over and learn how to make these for your next beer bash ;)
Now, just read the name of this one...CHOCOLATE AND WHISKEY CUPCAKES WITH BAILEY'S FROSTING...omg.  Baileys?!  As if it wasn't good enough as a drink, someone thought to put it in frosting...they are genius!  And this genius is from Smitten Kitchen.  To whip up this decadent (and slightly booz-a-rific) cupcake, check out their blog!
Lastly, if you've ever heard of or seen cake pops, you MUST be loving these!  Inside these adorable beer shaped mugs is....cake!!!  Bakerella posted this pick of her "pop star" reader, Sabrina's, creation.  I CANNOT wait to make these...even if for no one.  Just myself.  Sad?  Nah =)

So, now that I have some inspiration for a treat at my Vintage Baseball Fundraiser, I hope you do to!  I will be posting pics of the party in mid-August, so keep an eye out!


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