Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{Party Inspiration} "Glamping"!

There could be no more perfect post than this one for summer.  Now, I LOVE camping...my husband, not so much.  But NOW, I think I might be able to convince him after he sees this party!  The very talented Elisa Stone of One Stone Events is called "GLAMPING"...*gasp* It means "glamorous camping"...

Take your time looking at the amazing details from above...it's almost impossible to take in all the details in one glance!  As told by the designer, this party, designed for her 13 year old daughter's birthday party, had a girls table and boys table.  Each donned very unique details, including a "No Girls Allowed" sign and a mani/pedi table next to the smores. <3  Love <3

Omg, I can't get over these cupcakes!  And how much do you love these favors?...
I thought I loved camping, but now I think I'll love "glamping" even more!


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