Thursday, July 14, 2011

{Party Inspiration} Amazing (and affordable) Shower Brunch!

I saw this post yesterday, and could NOT stop obsessing about it!  I'm not even talking about the decor (which was set up for a super modern bride), but the FOOD...oh the stunning/amazing/so chic...but affordable!  I am constantly looking for ways to host an unbelievable party, especially a shower, yet stick to a budget (I just heard many of you sigh with relief..yeah, I get it...I've been there!)...
There is no more trendy shower touch than making it a brunch.  Jessica at Modern Moments Designs came up with this concept.
Omg, where do I start?!  Look how chic these donuts look?  Such a typical brunch food is arranged and put into jars to look absolutely stunning!
I'm a sucker for a quiche, and look at how elegant they made something as simple as pancakes!  Oh my!  Look see what's around the gorgeous raspberry?  Yup, it's a little diamond ring!  (Excuse me while I catch my breath)...
These beautiful parfaits are so easy, and look delicious.  I love how the spoons are attached to the glass, a very subtle yet awesome touch.  Now, take a look at those chocolate fruits bowls!  Although Jessica admitted to buying those, I happen to have a tutorial on making them yourself...ahem, so keep an eye out for that in the near future =)
Muffins...what would a brunch be without muffins?  No need to slap them down on a plate...any tiered baskets or platters easily add the "wow" factor...
Put it all together, and this is how BEAUTIFUL a simple, inexpensive brunch can look!
I think I just posted one of my favorite =)


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