Monday, June 20, 2011

{Idea!} Veggie Shooters

I am so VERY in love with this, I really, really mean it.  This is an elegant and easy GENIUS idea, and most importantly, will cure double dipping at parties for ever!  I first saw this veggie shooter idea in the July 2011 issue of...what else...Martha Stewart Living...
...but once I decided to share it with you, I couldn't find a picture for this party trick.  I was delighted to find a similar idea over at Simple Bites!  Each small glass has a layer of your choice of dip at the bottom, and then filled with chopped veggies of your choice.  No more running out of dip or the dreaded...drumroll...double dip (*gasp*).  For a hot summer bbq, simply layer a baking sheet with ice, then arrange the shooters on top of the ice to keep cold.

How adorable and elegant is this?!  Did I mention I'm in love?


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  1. I totally did this a few months ago for a home party. It was really easy and worked great. Leftovers stored well for a few days, too. Go for it!