Thursday, May 26, 2011

{Vendors} LOVING me some Click.

I am literally gitty with excitement to write this post.  Not only because this vendor is amazing, they are friends.  They are also the talented photographers that captured the happiest day of my life...
Click. Photography is the "baby", if you will, of Jackie and Matt, two of the most talented photographers I have seen...
They are creative and fun, and we were SO blessed to have them capture every moment of our wedding day.  But the most EXCITING part is they have opened up their brand new studio near us in Beacon, NY!  Yay!  They will be hosting a Grand Opening Gala on June 11th.  It gets ready?!  They are letting me pay them back for all of their amazing work and letting me design their opening night!

Actually, I haven't slept in days, but in a good way.  I have literally been bursting with ideas since the day we all met to chat.  And it's going to be BIG.  Oh, we will post pics, for sure...haha, considering they're photographers I'm sure we'll have plenty =)

So in the meantime, here's a few more pics they snapped on our big want them for your next me...

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  1. you are so, so sweet and I absolutely adore you. I'm so happy that we get to continue working together through Cheers!