Thursday, May 26, 2011

{From Me to You} So...what is CHEERS?!

Is it okay to admit that only 3 days in I'm LOVING blog world?!  I mean it...reading them, following them, and now writing my own?!  Not only that, but creating one about something I absolutely love?!  Whew, that's a lot of loving going on =)

So, as I was contemplating my blog for today, I figured I'd better back track a little know that Cheers. is my new venture, but what exactly is it?  And why am I doing it?

Cheers. is my new party design and planning business.  I love to entertain, and have grown to love helping other people do the same!  I am a FIRM believer in the details...every little one.  No matter what my client's are celebrating, I love helping them come up with a theme or party design, choosing and executing the decor, designing clever favors, serving up a custom dessert bar...whatever you can imagine, we can do!

Whether it's a child's birthday party, an engagement party, or just a dinner party, go for the WOW factor...make it one for the books.  And make me the first on your guest list to help you with details A-Z =)


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